Awaken Café – Oakland

I wish this place was closer! The latte was amazing. Perfect foaminess and milliners. Rich medium roast flavor. Awesome ambiance: lots of seating and great music. Paired with a vegan donut to die for.


Modern Coffee

Its been raining like crazy here in the Bay Area but it was worth the trek to the Tribune Tower- where Modern Coffee is located. I ordered a burnt cinnamon latte (burnt cinnamon is an extra $1). Perfect level of creamines. The flavor of the cinnamon is on the sweeter side. Maybe too sweet. It’s hard to say it tastes bad though. The aftertaste is subtle  and rich nonetheless. I love cinnamon though, so I’m ok with the sweetness. The presentation was on the upper-medium end.

I’m starting to get a feeling that ordering a latter lowers baristas level of respect for me. Little do they know I’m judging and blogging about their lattes! HEHEHE

Cafe 817-Oakland

Now that’s what I call…A LOTTA LATTES!!!! This 16 oz. latte is like a bowl of soup! WOW! I’m eating it right now along with a side of salad. Can you say…SOUP AND SALAD COMBO!?! 

The latte is quite good. It’s on the creamier side and the flavor of the espresso is light and with warm and aromatic richness. I was really amazed by the girth of this thing!! The salad was also good. A simple salad with greens, walnuts and feta topped with balsamic.

Expect me to be very jittery at work today. 

Working Girls – SF

Working Girls Cafe is a great sandwich and salad spot. I figured I would stop in for a LATTE. 

The latte was pretty good. On par with Starbucks but no Blue Bottle or other craft coffee shop. They’re quick, cheap and convenient, perfect for someone in their way to the office (like myself). 

It’s not a bad option before work but not somewhere I’d go to simply enjoy a nice cup of artisanal coffee. The flavor of the espresso is in the lighter side and the ratio of cream to coffee was about 50/50, so what they lacked in flavor they made up for in quantity. I prefer my lattes with a cream to coffee ration between 50/50-75/25. But that’s just me.

Overall I’d say this was a good latte. Not spectacular or artistically crafted, but more like a Starbucks/Pete’s.

Espresso: 7/10


Latte Art:2/10

Overall Flavor:7/10


Bicycle – Oakland


Bicycle is one of my top faves. I will say though they’re drip coffee and cold brew are my usual go-to’s and today was my first time trying their latte. Also they do free coffee fridays so that’s pretty hard to pass up.

The latte was about 75% espresso which to me is a good thing. Amazing. Fabulous. Also the price is decent: $3.50! The coffee is rich with nutty flavors. The latte art was lacking but the flavor of the coffee made up for it.

The presentation and overall branding is very grassroots-y. I like it but I could see how that could turn some snobs off. The baristas are hip and friendly.

In the past I have bought some beans- which came with a free cup of drip coffee!

Blue Bottle – Oakland


I really love Blue Bottle. I usually get the Orleans but for the purposes of this blog I got the latte. Love their branding: the logo is simple, the cafe itself is in an old warehouse and the interior is sleek and modern.

But I’m here to talk about the lattes. The flavor: light with somewhat earthy notes. The perfect amount of creaminess. The latte art is in the better end. I’d say it’s up there on my favorites.