Specialty’s -SF Folsom


Definitely on the lower end of the scale. Granted, Specialty’s is not known for its coffee but it’s sandwiches and pastries. First of all Pete’s coffee is overrated. I never had it and thought “wow” so I don’t get what all the hyped about-if there is any hype.

Not very creamy. Latte art:nonexistent. Overall flavor, meh.


Come for the food not the coffee.


Sightglass – SF MoMA

sightglassI come to Moma almost every weekend because I love the architecture and the art. Only recently have I tried the coffee shop on the 2nd floor, and I LOVE it. I also got some beans from them. Everything about this place is perfect. Their branding is on fleek. I love the simple linear cartoonish images they display everywhere. The cafe, besides being inside MoMA, is a lovely atmosphere with a clean, modern aesthetic and a natural material palette.

Ok, the latte. Perfect blend of espresso and milk. The latte art wasn’t over  he top but well crafted. The flavor of the coffee is light and fruity.

I ordered the bostock along with the coffee. Suuuper amazing and probably something I will get regularly. It’s so flaky and perfectly gooey. And it has a passion fruit filling.

I can’t get over this place and I plan to make a stop here every time I come to MoMA!

End Game – Oakland


I stop by End Game omw to work some days. The latte was on the creamier side. I enjoyed the flavor of the espresso but I wanted MORE…should have asked for an extra shot. The latte art was simple. Not bad but not outstanding. I did like the baristas though. They asked me to come up with a name for their next drink which was a mocha with maple syrup. I told them “muddy moose.” Duh. They liked it and went with it.

I’d go back for the banana bread.