Info Chart

coffee-chart1.jpgHere’s a fun infographic on different types of coffee drinks. ENJOY! Here’s the link.


Working Girls – SF

Working Girls Cafe is a great sandwich and salad spot. I figured I would stop in for a LATTE. 

The latte was pretty good. On par with Starbucks but no Blue Bottle or other craft coffee shop. They’re quick, cheap and convenient, perfect for someone in their way to the office (like myself). 

It’s not a bad option before work but not somewhere I’d go to simply enjoy a nice cup of artisanal coffee. The flavor of the espresso is in the lighter side and the ratio of cream to coffee was about 50/50, so what they lacked in flavor they made up for in quantity. I prefer my lattes with a cream to coffee ration between 50/50-75/25. But that’s just me.

Overall I’d say this was a good latte. Not spectacular or artistically crafted, but more like a Starbucks/Pete’s.

Espresso: 7/10


Latte Art:2/10

Overall Flavor:7/10


End Game – Oakland


I stop by End Game omw to work some days. The latte was on the creamier side. I enjoyed the flavor of the espresso but I wanted MORE…should have asked for an extra shot. The latte art was simple. Not bad but not outstanding. I did like the baristas though. They asked me to come up with a name for their next drink which was a mocha with maple syrup. I told them “muddy moose.” Duh. They liked it and went with it.

I’d go back for the banana bread.